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What is printplacer?

PrintPlacer is essentialy a web-to-print solution that streamlines the prepess process. It does this and more by providing a full system that facilitates and automates the procurement process from originantion to production.

Who is printplacer for?

PrintPlacer is for companies, advertising/marketing agencies or printers. Anybody whose business involves brands, their management and procuring related items such as personalised stationery, clothing, outdoor media and much more.

Why use printplacer?

If you want a simple way to manage your brand better or delegate the creation and ordering of personalised marketing items and save money in the process then PrintPlacer is for you. It's simple, intuitive and most importantly, cost effective.

What does printplacer cost?

There is no initial cost to PrintPlacer apart from customisation of either the system or templates if required. The cost is based on usage and the generation of hi-res PDFs so you can choose the package that best suits your requirements.

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Personalized interface

As a client, your Printplacer application will be personlised. You will have your own company address and the interface will be branded and...


Reduce the environmental impact

The simplification of the administrative and design process have the added benefit of reducing the environmental impact of every order you make....


Accessible anywhere

PrintPlacer is a Hosted or SaaS (Software as a service) solution. It is effectively a website built to function as a software application. The...


Choose and change your suppliers

PrintPlacer provides the efficiency of a web-to-print solution but still leaves you in control. If for any reason you need to change a supplier,...