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Web To Print

Web-to-print (web2print) is a term used to describe the use of internet technologies to facilitate certain aspects of the print production workflow.

Web-to-print is a great example of the second generation of the internet (Web 2.0) where sites have moved beyond being information and marketing channels to become tools that allow business process to be refined or reformed to a point where they are more efficient and result in time and cost savings as well as an improved customer experiences.

In the case of web-to-print, all of the prepress process can be significantly impacted by the current technologies available on the internet. Each of the products available targets certain aspects of this process and are therefore suited to different business requirements. The challenge becomes choosing the right software for your requirements. For a detailed overview of PrintPlacer's origins, have a look at the About Us page. For a list of PrintPlacer's features, see the list covered in detail on the Features page.

For a more detailed look into Web-to-print see the wikipedia article.