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Personalized interface

As a client, your Printplacer application will be personlised. You will have your own company address and the interface will be branded and coloured accordingly. The menu system used for all your procurement tasks will be customised to both your company requirements and user permissions.

Reduce the environmental impact

The simplification of the administrative and design process have the added benefit of reducing the environmental impact of every order you make.

Accessible anywhere

PrintPlacer is a Hosted or SaaS (Software as a service) solution. It is effectively a website built to function as a software application. The advantages of this are that all maintenance and upgrades as well as hardware requirements are centralised and handled by the PrintPlacer team.

For a more detailed look at the advantages of Saas, read the the Wikipedia article.

Choose and change your suppliers

PrintPlacer provides the efficiency of a web-to-print solution but still leaves you in control. If for any reason you need to change a supplier, it's as simple as assigning a new one from a list. Don't be tied in any longer to a supplier who takes advantage of you just because they have all your material loaded into their system. In addition to allowing you to change suppliers when necessary, it puts you in a stronger position to negotiate the most competitive price.

Centralise all procurement (not just print)

PrintPlacer is more than a web-to-print solution. It can become a complete marketing procurement portal. Web-to-print solutions from printers cover only the items they supply which means you will need to use multiple systems in order to procure different items. Stationery may be ordered from one supplier, brochures from another, clothing another and digital media (e-brochures etc) from still another. PrintPlacer can handle all these and more thus becoming the central portal for procuring all marketing items.

Customise the system for your unique requirements

Templates: PrintPlacer is built using components that allow you to take it way beyond the standard templates. Customisations have been developed for clients to allow for items such as name badges, desk plaques, swatch cards, multipage flyers, press adverts, electronic brochures and newsletters. So far, we haven't had a requirement that PrintPlacer can't accommodate.

Reports: All data captured by the system can be reported on. The system comes standard with a group of the most used reports but custom reports can be created to suit your specific needs.

System: Should your requirements go beyond the functioanlity of the PrintPlacer system, a completely customised solution can be designed and built using the underlying PrintPlacer web-to-print engine.

Simplify administrative and design processes

The manual process of procuring marketing material especialy that which is personalised, is characterised but back and forward communication involving faxes, emails telephone calls and physical proofs. This is due primarly to the fact that the person requiring the material doesn't have the ability to fullfill the steps themselves. Printlpacer changes this by providing the controls necessary to allow a single person to fullfill each step of the prepress process including creation, proofing (checking) and ordering. PrintPLacer facilitates this while handling all the detailed technical requirements transparently.

Control your brand while still delegating

PrintPlacer gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to brand control and delegating the responsibility of procurement. Because of the controls inherent in the system, creating and ordering personalised marketing material can done by anyone regardless of their design compentancy or brand awareness. The built-in approval system can be used to double check orders but your marketing team can be freed up to add value to your business rather than spending all their time servicing material requirements.

Reduce the cost & complexity of procurement.

Costs and time are obviously reduced as a result of the simplification of the administrative and design process (see seperate feature). This includes, communication costs, print costs (for proofing), design costs and especially the cost of resources whose time could be better spent on more specialised activities.

The system also makes the cost to entry insignificant. No specialised harware is required (see additional feature - Accessible anywhere there's an internet connection). The only setup costs are for customising the system or specialised templates. Following that, all costs are based on usage and are significantly less than the cost of any similar manual process.